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jonnie/mommy time

april has started off with a bang! the weather was beautiful today so jonnie and i decided we would have a day date outside playing in the snow. after all, within the week our lives are about to get flipped upside down! in a good way though:) we are excited for the new adventure. jonnie had the most fun throwing snowballs at me... and since i was taking pictures i didn't have time to get her back--- next time:) it was super sunny so the snow is already melting like crazy which will be so nice in a couple weeks. right now it is just a giant muddy slush pit most places but we'll take it. i sure love my little munchkin. she played so hard that she is down for an awesome nap right now and after i'm done blogging, i'll get to finish up a couple things before my family gets here tomorrow. WOOHOO!! this next week will be full of fun and i'm excited for every single bit of it:)
 she loves running from me when i have my camera out.... but every once in a while---
 i convince her to sit still for 2 seconds and let me catch her cute faces.
 in the middle of chucking snow balls at me---love you too sweetie!
 we were playing right outside our house... but you can see the rest of the houses and buildings behind her.
 of course she wanted to make some snow angels:)
 so sunny! 
 there are some of the houses, barn, and shop. it really was beautiful out. 
 she was getting mad cause i wasn't coming... but i wanted to get her with the background!
 she decided to plop down in the muddy snow. had to take a break for a second i guess.
this is when the fun ended. that hole was from my leg sinking in up to my knee. my boot was FILLED with snow and i was about to get frost bite if we stayed out any longer. mom always ruins the fun!

 but we ended our date with a nice hot bath! {yes- believe it or not, 39 weeks prego and i STILL fit in the tub} i love you miss jonnie b. thanks for the date my darlin.


Suzie Bishop said...

so sweet. I miss the days when it was just me and my little bug. This makes me want to have a girls night with her. Im really excited for your upcoming week... dont leave me hanging too long .. post lots of pictures!!!

katrina said...

ooh she is so adorable.
i love your photographs.