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blessing day.

Since we were lucky to have most of our family up here in montana when knox was born, we decided to go ahead and bless him that weekend before everyone had to go home. we got permission to do it at our home since he was only 5 days old and it was just perfect. i'm so glad our families were able to enjoy his special day with us. JD's blessing was so sweet... there is just something so special about baby blessings. they have so much in store for them and it's amazing to hear all the blessings that the Lord pours upon them to help them along the way. i'm so grateful for the gospel in my life.
the main man. 
 daddy & son. so handsome.
 the same outfit my brothers were blessed in. 
 never enough kisses from jonnie girl. 
Lines family.
 Folsom family.
 my dad & his first grandson. 
we always know when jonnie or knox have been with grammy... she leaves them all sparkly from her lip gloss:)
 jonnie provided the post-blessing entertainment.

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Suzie Bishop said...

Oh Micah he is so perfect. I love that he looks like a little man. Everyone tells me zane looks like a man trapped in a baby body.. so does Knox. He looks a lot like your dad, but maybe thats just cause they are both bald! Any way he is adorable and so fun that you could do that while everyone was together.