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jonnie knox-ville

i know you were thinking it. we thought of it too when we started to really like the name knox... but i figure by the time knox grows up no one will know johnny knoxville so i wasn't too worried about it! anyways. things around here are starting to settle down. we are figuring stuff out and not having so many mom melt downs in the mean time. it's a great thing! we are coming to UT tomorrow for the weekend. i. cannot. wait! always fun to change up the scenery a bit. it's still pretty cold up here so we are still stir crazy. come on 50 degree days... i know you are somewhere out there! fun days ahead of us though of jumping on the tramp, riding four-wheelers, and playing with the horses. jonnie wants to do these things every day. soon enough we will be able to... yay! here are some more pics... more from right when knox was born but i'll take some more soon:)

funny story about this one: JD had just changed him and put his pants on before his onesie so this is how he ended up... JD didn't wanna switch them. i thought it was hilarious and laughed for about 3 minutes straight when i pulled knox out of his blanket and found him like this. oh the things we find humorous in parenthood. 


Josh and Maddi Andersen said...

Ha ha I love that onesie over the pants! That is great! If you guys have time while you are here this weekend we'd love to get together and meet little Knox! This time Josh will come I promise!! ha ha. Let us know!!

Malerie said...

i have to admit, i totally thought of Jonnie knoxville when you said you named him knox! :) but i still love the name Knox! now, if you name your next kid ville, that will be a problem! haha. and you are very right, no one will care about jonnie knoxville anyway!!

love the pants too... that is awesome! when Nate has "dad" moments, i always tell my kids to be so happy they have a mommy too!

Jana Porter said...

glad to hear you're surviving two! i'm slowly getting the hang of it too... slowly. your kids are so cute!