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handsome AND handy? i think so.

ok i just have to brag for 2 seconds about JD.... since this is my blog--i can do that right? right! i just need to give a shout out to my main man cause he has been building saddles for the past month and a half like a crazy person---waking up sometime at 3:30 cause he can't stand when things are on his brain that he needs to make sure he gets done that day... and then he'll work til about 6:30 or 7 most nights. now he'll be calving for the next month and he's in for some fun times--- 12-15 hour days in below zero temperatures some days---like yesterday for example. it was about -25 with the wind. i felt bad for him ALL day! well---i think it's safe to say he knows how to work! a few days ago he decided to take a couple days off of saddle making before he had to start calving and during that break he made me the coolest purse! everything is from scratch, except for the zipper that he got at the fabric store... what a stud huh? it will be perfect for the times that i go places without the kids... cause right now i just haul my diaper bag / backpack with me no matter what cause i don't really have anything else. i can't wait to use it! i sure do love my handy man hubs! isn't it neat!?

ps- if you haven't checked out his leatherwork site then you're missing out... go see his cool saddles and chaps!

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Brittany and Casey said...

I have been thinking lately. Is there anything you can't do? You both are extremely talented. LUCKY!!

kelli christine case said...

that is beautiful. even better that your man made it for you!

Molly said...

so cute! I still want a belt. Although, a purse is extremely tempting!