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random thoughts

i have been thinking a lot lately about how i'm almost 32 weeks pregnant and baby boy will be here before i know it. i kind of feel guilty sometimes when i think about all the time and attention that he will take away from jonnie so it makes me feel sad about it. but i also know that she will absolutely adore him and love being a big sister. she already is the best helper... and her motherly instincts are like woah. really. i just hope i can figure out how to give her all the attention that she still needs once little guy is here. everyone else does it so i KNOW it's doable.

8 more weeks... really? this pregnancy has FLOWN by. i still feel great. getting pretty big though. one day i will take another picture since it's been a month since my last one. whoops. maybe tomorrow i'll put that on my to-do list.

we're coming down to utah this weekend and staying for about 5 days. i can't wait to see family! i'll bet dutch is gonna give jonnie lots more of these.... and hopefully we'll see some friends too. speaking of.... one of mine just had her baby yesterday and he is darling. makes me super anxious for my little man to arrive. but not too anxious. he can still cook as long as he wants! hopefully i'll be able to squeeze that little babe sometime while i'm down there... and even snag a few photos of his precious newness.

and speaking of snagging photos.. i have a few sessions scheduled while i'm down there too for some super cute families. i get so excited for those. i even find myself thinking of different poses or ideas that would be cute in the middle of the night when i wake up to go tinkle. {tmi? sorry---just writing what comes to my little pregnant mind} we'll see if i can capture some of the things that have been racing through my brain. and i still have a couple spots open if any of you cuties want to do a session next week. my 1/2 off special is only going on a couple more weeks:)

ohhh jonnie's naps are so lovely. she is slowly stirring though so i better wrap things up so i can snuggle her as she comes to full consciousness. she is so scrumptious that little thing. until next time.


Sophie Weber said...

AMEN!! I feel the same way with everything you said about pregnancy and baby boy coming! These babies (all boys too.. weird :) are making me super excited for mine to come.

Lynette said...

I think I cried the first month or so after Benson was born. I felt bad that I couldn't give Vanessa all the attention she had before he was born and I felt that Benson didn't get what Vanessa got as a newborn. Made worse by pregnancy hormones :) But I think I'm figuring it all out. Hopefully they both still feel loved and I think they like each other :)

Suzie Bishop said...

My brain was racing and I had a million different things I was worried about. Mostly I was worried about how my relationship with Karlee would be instantly different.... well.... he is here and I have to tell you, I have had a huge sigh of relief. Things are already different but I wouldnt change anything. Karlee is ... adjusting and I love this baby boy so much. Have fun with Jonnie and dont stress... it just all works it self out.
PS cant wait to see you this week!