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Dutcher's the big EIGHT

Yesterday was my lil brother Dutcher's 8th birthday! How exciting for him! It was a busy day but both J.D. & I and also Brye & Michelle got to go over to my parent's house last night for some yummy cake and presents. He is the funniest kid to watch open presents.... He gets so excited over every little thing and it just makes it so much fun! He is hilarious and growing up SO fast! Either he needs to slow down.... or my sisters-in-law Michelle, Stacy, and I need to start havin some babies! We always have the best time over at my parent's house... It is so cute for me to watch J.D. play with Dutcher...both Haley and him love hangin out with J.D.... he is so sweet to them and I know he's gonna be such a good Daddy! I love my family so much and am so appreciative of all that they do for us! I still have yet to cook a Sunday dinner because we are either at my parent's house of Grandma Nan's:) And I'm not complaining one bit! I always took for granted all the yummy food that fills my parent's cupboards! It is amazing to me now to see it all....especially after seeing our rather sparse shelfs the entire week... I'm quickly humbled every time I go over there! But I just wanted to wish Dutcher one more Happy Birthday...he is such a stud ane he's so excited to be baptized soon:) I'm so proud of the good lil guy he is. I love you Dutch!

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Case said...

This made me remember those two running around at te tournaments and your lil sis dancing all the time...she was so stinkin good!! You have a cute family!!