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Our Week / Weekend of Fun

Let me tell you... We had such a good week! The volleyball team was gone to UNC and NAU from Wed til Sunday and I had to stay home from this one... but it came at just the right time! I was super stressed with school and my house was a wreck cause the second I got home I just wanted to crash and not do a single thing but homework. Well not only did I not travel this week, but JD had a bye week so we were able to get lots of things done together which made it even nicer!

First off, I tackled a few of my big assignments that were due coming up and totally stressing me out to the max. Tuesday night we went Christmas shopping for a few hours and are just about done! From here on out things get crazy so we figured we might as well get it all done now.

Thursday night we were able to go to the Temple with some of our friends, Brett & Kim, AND out to dinner. First date...ish thing we've done in a while! What a refreshing night... I love the peaceful feeling I have after going through a session. It seriously is the best ever.

At TGI Friday's before the Temple.

I generally don't wear white under black.. it was Temple attire. Give me a break:)

Then to just add to all the fun, the NEXT night we hung out at our other friends house, Marcus & Kristen, and got to play with their adorable little 2 month old, Jonah. We ordered food and watched a movie once the little man went to sleep and then just talked forever. I love spending time with our friends and we hardly get to so it was so nice! Hanging out with babies gets me feeling so anxious for our Sweet Pea to finally get here!

The boys discussing movies... me googling over the little man

Saturday we spent a couple hours cleaning our house and also managed to clean out our cram packed closet and made some more room for winter clothes and even a future spot for Baby Folsom. We went Christmas shopping for a little bit longer and then JD went into work that night so I was able to do another assignment which was nice to get done. Sunday we took off to my parents' house right after church and hanging out there is always the best. Their house will always feel like home to me and I love being there! We really needed a week like this... although we were busy to the max, I feel like we got so much done and were able to spend way more time together which was the best part of it all:)

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chelsea said...

I can't believe you already have most of your Christmas shopping done! That is insane. We stopped by the Gateway on Saturday and it was jam packed with people haha gotta love this season. It sounds like you guys had a good week/weekend. :)