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JD's Pro-Day

JD tested at the Pro-Day Tuesday morning and he put out some sweet numbers! He did awesome and felt pretty good about everything so all we can do now is wait to see what happens during and after the draft. We haven't really said much about it so for those who don't know... JD's got a shot to play in the NFL so he figured...what the heck? might as well go for it. He has an agent and has been training since we got back from Christmas break. A few teams are really interested in him... mainly the Dolphins and the Colts... but we'll just have to see what happens. Miami's scout took JD and I out to lunch to talk business with him after he was done testing and running through drills... so right now he's my favorite:) haha...Most likely he won't get picked up in the draft but after as a Free Agent. If that happens, he'll go to a mini camp a couple weekends after the draft for the team that wants him... then he would be back home for a couple weeks before he had to go back for the rest of the summer for the training camp. UGH! That would really stink. But it's not really an opportunity you can pass up! So we'll just see what happens!!

If the football thing doesn't work out.. then hopefully it's off to Vet School we go... right now it is lookin' like we'd be heading to Oklahoma State which is a sweet Vet School... just FAR!

Lots of fun things are going on though and we feel really blessed!! Less than 2 weeks til baby girl is HERE!! WOOOO!! We go in for another appointment today so we'll see how things are progressing... hopefully they are and she'll make her debut soon:)

Here are some of the tests that I got... Since it snowed so much yesterday the practice field was covered so they had to move it inside to the gym... kinda stinky with no field turf! But they made it work!

Here's his verticle test. (32 1/2)

40 yard dash. (4.59) Those are all the scouts at the finish line... all with their cute little timers... how nerve racking!

They rep out at 225..(20) It would sure be nice to be able to do that once!


Shalese and Cody said...

holy crap micah! that is so cool and exciting! I wish the best for both of you in your big decisions that is so fun!!!

Walkers said...

that would be pretty awesome!
i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

cosy said...

Ohhh thats exciting!!! Woooo!!

Megh said...

Wow, who knew? Good luck! I can't wait to hear what's in store for you guys- no matter which path you take, you'll be awesome at it!

chelsea said...

Girl that is awesome! Good luck!

The Rasmussens said...

That's is so crazy how exciting though did you ever think you could possibly marry a potential NFL star? haha that's so awesome! I can't wait to see pictures of your little girl when you have her! I hope the delivery goes well!

MichelleY said...

That is so exciting! Way to go JD.

Rich'n'Rach said...

We had no idea what was going on that day when we saw you guys at the gym, but it was sweet to see how fast JD can run! It was right after Rich got done sprinting the longs and jogging the shorts of the track. After watching the football players he felt a little silly hahaha Good job, JD! And good luck!