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Girls' Night:)

It's been awhile! I'll give you a little recap... I was totally missin' my hubby when he was still in Montana and I had to come back for work.... so i had to have a little fun to pass the time:) I never hang out with my girlfriends anymore... unless I'm at conditioning or practice for volleyball... so I decided it was about time for a girls' night! Cosy.. my sister-in-law.. and one of my besties Jocilyn decided to go out to Olive Garden and then have a slumber party at my place! It was so much fun to be with the girls and we even did our toes all cute and made some scrumptious cookies... granted I ate all of them except for one... I was with some serious health nuts! It was fun nonetheless though. We always look our best when there are no boys around... that is definitely my favorite part! I also got to spend Saturday with my darling Mom and sister Haley at my cousin, Brittney's baby shower. It was so fun to hang out with them! I love hanging out at my parents' house and definitely took it for granted when I still lived at home! I have the best family ever:] Anyways... I'm sure glad J.D. is back... life is so much sweeter with him around!

Sorry you have to look at my feet.... but Cosy's sure are cute!


Case said...

cute toes! glad for you that your hubby is back though...that is the worst. but at least you had your fam and friends to hang out with!

Jeff and Bethany said...

Hey, I've been meaning to ask you, how'd you do your header? I love it!

The Tams said...

I love girls nights! Honestly, sometimes you just need one of those!