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Pre-Christmas Festivities

Christmas is by far the most wonderful time of the year! We have been able to do some fun things with this winter weather and in preparation for the big day. After the 'BIG blizzard' hit Utah, JD and Dutch took Jonnie out sledding just in my parents' front yard.... and she loved it!
As soon as we got up to Montana on the 10th, we hurried and got our Christmas tree cut down! Jonnie zonked out on the way up there since Grandpa was driving grandpa speeds in the loader in front of us;)...

so JD and Charlie were in charge of finding our tree.....

..... and I stayed in the truck with her. Look how deep that snow is! No thanks. I didn't wear snow pants!

Such a fun tradition up here at the ranch though.

Good thing we got it that Sunday cause JD got called a couple hours later by Tampa Bay and had to head there the next day. We miss him:(.

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