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Has it really been THREE years already?! On December 8th, we celebrated our anniversary and believe it or not.... we got to spend it together! JD got back from Miami on the 7th and then left for Tampa on the 11th so luckily we got to squeeze in a day together in between. We were in Utah so my Mom offered to watch Jonnie... thanks mom:) JD and I started out by going to 'linner' at Rodizio Grill... YUM!... then we went to see a movie, which NEVER HAPPENS! It was so nice to just get some alone time with my sexy husband. I sure do love him! We headed home after that and finished the night with little Jonnie Belle by going to DQ for a blizzard and snuggling up next to the fire to watch Home Alone.

I was SO excited when JD called and told me he was on his way home... an anniversary is no bueno if the hubby isn't around. We might not be together for Christmas this year:( so at least we got to spend this day together.
JD didn't know if he would be home or not so he had roses sent to me from Miami. What a sweet boy I have.
This is the only picture we took together! We are kind of lame.... but at least we got one with Jonnie the next day!
Here we are... 23 week belly and all.
She LOVES her Daddy so. It is quite adorable to see them together.

And here is my lil sugar mama. These were right before we went to our big ultrasound to see little brother:)

JD, I love you MORE today than the day I married you. Can't wait for our forever years to come!


Todd and Rachel said...

Congrats on the baby boy. When is your due date? We are having a boy in March. Hope you guys have a great Christmas. We would love to see you guys and Jake and Mal some time if you are in Utah.

Andrew, Kenzie and Kaliya Smith said...

Congratulations on 3 years and almost 2 kids! Its amazing how much happens in such a short amount of time! We wish you all the love and happiness in your forever!

Shantay And David said...

Happy anniversary! That is so fun. I can't believe you are having another baby. You have such a cute belly.

Justin and Toshi said...

Congrats on 3 years! So glad you were able to spend it together! We loved having JD over for dinner and catch up on your sweet little family! LOVE the prego belly...you make a cute prego lady!

Matt and Brooke said...

Happy aniversary!! your little family is so cute!!!

MichelleY said...

Happy Anniversary! You two make such a cute couple :)

Lynette said...

Your belly is so cute!!!