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my little helper

 I always wanted to have a boy first so he could look out for the other brothers and sisters & stuff like that.  I now know why Jonnie was the first-born...... so she could help her mama!! She seriously is the best helper... it doesn't matter what I'm doing: wiping up messes, folding clothes, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, sweeping. She loves it all! And from the motherly instincts that she shows with her babies, I'll bet she's gonna be a GREAT big sister too:) Here are some of her vacuuming in AZ... she LOVED that it was just her size.


The Sohm's said...

That is so cute!! Such a fun age. She is adorable!!!

iheartgourmet said...

haha these are the cutest pics ever!

lindsey kaye said...

ok seriously she is the cutest ever. you are so cute with you little belly! congrats!