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Halloween in Utah

We were able to be in Utah for Halloween this year and were able to fly JD back that day so he didn't have to miss out on the trick or treating! Jonnie dressed up as a witch and wore the cute Halloween dress that Grandma Nan made her.... and even though it was raining the whole time... she LOVED trick or treating. She master 'trick or treat' just in the knick of time and was amazed at how easy it was to get candy after saying it! We had lots and lots of fun with my family and are now having fun in Arizona:) Here are some of my favorites from the scary night.
The lighting was horrible... but this is before we headed out.
 Had to document my brother's awesome Halloween mullet. Sorry ladies, he's taken! haha
 Ready for the rain.

All in all it was a super fun Halloween. We were glad we got to spend it with family which made it that much better! Weird to think that next Halloween we'll be in Oklahoma! AND with another baby.... CRAZY!


Suzie Bishop said...

She is an adorable little witch!

Shantay And David said...

Cute!! I love it. She is so cute. That is so crazy to think that next year you are going to have another baby.

Justin and Toshi said...

Such a cute little witch! Glad you are able to spend so much time with family....we miss you guys! Taija still asks to go to Johnnie's house