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A Place Where Dreams Come True

We were able to take Jonnie to Disney World last week before we got the heck outta Florida and I'm so glad we did! Even though she won't remember it, we'll always have the pictures and Miss Daisy to remind her.
She picked out Daisy the duck and it was love at first sight!
At least through all the craziness of moving a million times we've been able to find time to do some fun things and create some good memories as a family. JD and I were talking about how all our other kids will probably think Jonnie is so lucky for doing all the fun stuff we've been able to do the last year and a half.... then we'll just remind them that she hardly knew what her own bed was.. and the word HOME??? What the heck is that anyways?! She might not know that one for another year or so! Though these have been some crazy times, we wouldn't trade them for anything. All I know is I sure do love my crazy little family! Here are some of my favorites from our Disney World adventures:)

Right after we entered the park. We had to get pictures w/
 the pumpkins so we'd remember we went around Halloween.
The castle! There were so many people walking around us...
 I thought we might get run over. 
Directing us where she wanted to go.
She got to drive the go carts and LOVED it.
When she sat down you couldn't see her head
so all the pics look like the car is driving itself
and JD is just enjoying the ride!
Checking out Mickey Mouse's house. 
We took a break to let JD go on a fun ride. It was H.O.T.
If you look closely you can see the bead of sweat
dripping down her face. Luckily she zonked out for a
good nap just a minute after this.
Before one of the shows... she was diggin' the glasses.
Flyin' on the Dumbo ride. It's funny how what we consider 'fun'
changes so much once you have kiddies! 
No doubt about it, she loved the
mary-go-round. It amazes me how much
like her Daddy this girl really is! 
She reminds me every now and then though that she's still
my baby too. Definitely got my sweet tooth. Loving the
cotton candy!
We took a break so Jonnie could run around a bit and she
was so dang funny. She would slide down and then sit at
the bottom and wait for the other kids to slide... and when
they would she would stand there and clap her hands and scream
YAYYYY!! She is such a funny little thing! Gonna be the best
big sister!
Still not a fan of all the characters. She cried right after I snapped
the pic! 
This was going into the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I though
she might get scared cause it was dark and a little creepy but
she loved it. The ride ended up stalling so we were stuck on the
boat for like 45 minutes. Luckily we had the most redneck kids
I'd ever heard sitting behind us to entertain us. JD swore they
were the kids from Talladega Nights.


ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

She is such a doll and so lucky to have u guys as parents!! Aww it looked like a blast!!!

Tahnee said...

look slike such a fun little trip! jonnie is a doll :) !!!!

mike said...

Micah, Scotty was telling me tonight that you guys are coming back to PHX??? In a Cards uniform...what a blast!! How soon?? Love you guys, hope it's true.

Justin and Toshi said...

I LOVE hearing about all the adventures your family has been on! CRAZY! Can't wait for your newest adventure to get there! Congrats on the BIG news!

Sophie Weber said...

I can't believe you took her.. way to goo! I don't know if Kennedy would last ;) She is so cute!