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a breath of fresh air

last weekend we were able to skip out of town for a bit and spend some time in oklahoma, checking out the vet school and town of stillwater. since it will likely be the place we spend the 4 years after football, it was such a relief that we absolutely loved it! we even were able to go to the ward there and the members were so nice and welcoming. i love that no matter where you go... the church always provides a family away from home. my sophomore seminary teacher is even in that ward! such a small world. i was always a little nervous thinking about being away for 4 years, especially since JD will be super swamped studying and doing his school stuff... but i feel so much better about it now that i know we'll love it there. whew!

as most of you know...traveling with a youngster can be quite the treat! good thing daddy finds ways to entertain her!


Brittany and Casey said...

Jonnie is so CUTE! I love her red hair. You guys are the most adorable little family.

Matt and Brooke said...

Micah, your little girl is so cute!!

Megs said...

who was your seminary teacher that you saw!? She is sure a cutie!

Melissa said...

Oh man...I am not coming to Miami anymore...I have my 3 other interviews with BYU that week. I am bummed! (But excited.)

I will FOR SURE come out though--hopefully in April now!

Doesn't JD know that he shouldn't mess around with wheelchairs? That's sorta like playing on crutches...it'll jinx you!

The Sohm's said...

Your family is so cute! So fun when dads know just how to entertain their little girls:)