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Birthday Pics

like i said before.... we had a blast celebrating jonnie's birthday... i definitely think it's WAY more fun celebrating her b-day than my own... i hope i can always make my kids' birthdays special ALL DAY LONG. i look forward to making big yummy breakfasts, checking them out of school early for lunch at their favorite place, making their favorite dinner dish, and of course the checkerboard cake will definitely be our little family's b-day tradition. it'll be fun to start new traditions over the years.. JD and I both agree that family traditions are what we REALLY love about holidays. here are some of my favorite moments from the big day:

she loved her crib full of balloons! We had to put them in there to keep them in one spot til we hung 'em up.
Birthday girl right after she got outta bed

playin with lil grey. she was giving him big hugs when he got to the party:)
tryin out her new shades.

i had so much fun making this w/ JD.

the inside.

some of our friends... jonnie has so many people that love her:)

this girl is a shoe lover ALREADY. yikes!

it took her a minute to get into it.... but she loved it once she realized it was ok to get messy!


bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Okay, how did you make that cake??? Its AMAZING!! Seriously Micah, you amaze me everyday :) Your daughter is adorable!

Shawntae said...

i can't believe she is one. time goes by so so fast doesn't it?? She is such a doll Happy birthday cute girl.

missy. said...

so cute! love the cake you guys made. family traditions really are the best.

joN aNd tRiciA said...

SO fun! I cant believe that she is 1! She is getting so big...she isnt a lil baby anymore is she? Im glad she had a fun birthday, and the cake looked yummy!

mindy said...

she is so stinkin cute! how fun! crazy how time flies huh?

you ever get letters for her room?

Melissa said...

Micah! I can't get over how sweet she is! And how fun of a mommy are you! That cake is so awesome! I wouldn't even know where to start! Miss ya girl!

The Sohm's said...

I can't believe she is already one! she is so cute! Looks like she had a blast