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the big O-N-E-

I cannot even believe Jonnie girl is already ONE! The year has flown by and I have loved ALMOST every minute of it. Let's be hones- I'm a realist... I could have definitely lived without some of the sad NICU days...screaming tantrums...and bumps and bruises. HOWEVER- moments like that sure do make me appreciate all the other wonderful ones:) I love my little girl more than words can express!!

We had so much fun celebrating her big first birthday! Since it fell on a Sunday and we still wanted to celebrate on her real b-day... we had some of our friends over for Sunday dinner and to have a little party:) We had lots of fun and are so grateful for the friends we have out here!! We sure wish our family could have joined in on the fun! I'll post pictures of the party soon once I upload them.

I put this together and it was so fun looking back through all the pictures and video we took throughout the year. I managed to only shed a FEW tears... which was an amazing feat for me! So enjoy seeing our precious little tiny tot as she's grown into a darling INDEPENDENT toddler!!

We sure do love you Jonnie Belle! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!


Megh said...

I lovelovelove the slideshow! Jonnie is adorable- I would give anything for a little redheaded princess someday! Give her a Happy Birthday hug from us! We wish we could see you guys more often! Miss ya!

Cosy said...

awww micah that is so crazy! she has changed so much its insane! i cant wait to see her in a few weeks!! Good work! :)

MichelleY said...

Happy Birthday Jonnie! Can't believe she is already a year old....it's sad how fast time really does go by after they get here. She is a doll! Hope you guys are doing good.

Jamilee87 said...

I love the slide show! Jonnie is so so so stinkin cute!!

missy. said...

can't believe she's one! she is so adorable.