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Supposed to be posted June 20th-ish

It’s been awhile! Since the last update…. JD has finished up OTA’s and is now just doing rookie lifting and conditioning 4 days a week. His biggest focus right now is getting stronger and gaining weight! He wants to be close to 240 by the time we head back to Utah.. What a life it would be to have to TRY to gain weight right? Haha

Everything out here is going great though! Jonnie girl is so much fun and getting so big and rambunctious! Her cute blue Folsom eyes are turning browner and browner by the day! Right now they are so pretty… golden brown in the middle, outlined in pretty blue… I love it! She’s also becoming quite the little talker…. Every morning we have a cute little conversation and she tells me ALL about her night full of sweet dreams. She seriously melts my heart. As for fun in the sun, she loves loves loves the water…. And she finally got to taste some of the salty Atlantic! It is beautiful water out here…. And SO warm! It stays shallow for a long time and the waves aren’t too scary so JD took her out pretty far and she was loving it!

For Father’s Day, we missed being back home with our sweet Dads… but had fun celebrating JD’s first big day as a Daddy! For his present, Jonnie got him step up bars put on the truck and he loves them! They were really his idea…. But we can take the credit:] Sunday night 5 couples from the ward got together and had a barbecue with lots of yummy food and good company. I seriously love the friends we have made out here! We are so lucky!

I can’t believe we have less than three more weeks out here til we head back west for a few weeks! Cosy gets out here Wednesday night and will be here for a week and we are SO excited! We’re gonna try and do lots of fun things and give her a taste of what life out east is really like. She is most excited to see Jonnie…. And I can’t blame her. She is the cutest little chunk around:] We hope everyone is doing well back home and can’t wait to see you in a few weeks! Happy Father’s Day Dads!! We love you both so much!

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missy. said...

Oh how fun. She is so adorable!