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Signing Day:]

JD finally signed his contract today! They had to finish negotiating the signing bonus so once that was all finished up he sealed the deal. Now his contract terms are just contingent upon his making the team… but we won’t know that til September 6th. CRAZY! Jonnie and I got to go with him to sign and it was fun to see the Dolphins training facilities. Since I forgot my camera when we went there for family day, I decided I better get some pictures this time around! It’s nuts we only have a week left til we head back west!! We are so excited to see our families and friends and we KNOW they are all SO excited to see Jonnie! And maybe us too just a tiny bit. Oh yeah… and Jonnie has found her thumb!! I know she might get into a bad habit… but selfishly as her Mom… it is SO nice when she can soothe herself for a bit! And it just so dang cute.

Hopefully I’ll be better at blogging when we actually have decent access to the internet! Since I can only blog in the lobby it is SUCH a pain! And then to top it all off, the internet on my laptop went all retarded so I had to transfer posts I had already written on there to JD’s computer plus all the pictures. This is why there are THREE posts I did all today. So don’t forget to read the two below this one as well!


Rich'n'Rach said...

I can't believe how BIG Jonnie is getting - so stinkin' cute! Happy late first Father's Day, JD! Also note, it sounds like you guys have a little shopper on your hands - you have a lot of mommy-daughter fun ahead of you!

Andrew & Kenzie Smith said...

We're glad you're still loving it out there! Your little girl is getting so big and is so cute! I really can't believe how fast they grow up, sometimes i wish i could just stop time for a little bit and take it all in!

Shalese and Cody said...

This is crazy, we saw him in the paper! I can't believe this is happening. That is awesome! How exciting! I little while ago just a player on a utah team and now professional in the nfl. Crazy! I'm happy for you guys! way to go jd.