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Cosy has come and gone!

The last week FLEW by! Cosy was here from Wednesday to Wednesday and it seemed like she was out here for a weekend. We did lots of fun things! We first took her down to the Keys… we were hoping to find a good beach but that definitely didn’t happen… so we ended up mostly sight seeing and eating at a yummy seafood place called Wahoos…. We went about 30 miles past Key Largo to a place called Islamorada.

The next day we headed to Fort Lauderdale beach with some of our friends from the ward. The beach seriously stressed me out! I’m always worried about if Jonnie’s too hot/hungry/sandy/uncomfortable. I can’t just relax and enjoy it anymore… but it is still always a good time!

JD had to take off on Sunday for the rest of her stay to the rookie symposium in Palm Beach Gardens where all the draft picks had to go for the exciting meetings full of lectures on financial stuff…not dating under aged girls… substance abuse… all that fun stuff. So the girls took the next few days to go shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Jonnie was such a little trooper! Speaking of… she has hit a few milestones in the last couple days! She is starting to sit up on her own and it is so dang cute! She also does cute little giggles and we finally were able to catch some on film! Since she’s such a good eater…. I decided to get rice cereal and squeeze some in every now and then… she actually did really good when I gave it to her the first time.

Cosy took a million more pictures than me so once she posts them… I’ll do a pictures only post so I can have them all on here for my sake especially! It was so fun having her out here and went by WAY too fast! We love you Cos!

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cosyfolsom said...

ahhh you got some good pics too!! But that last video is so freaking cute! Thanks again for having me out there!!