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Overdue but still worth it

I have been perma on the run lately so I'm finally getting around to posting about when I got to go to my little 8 year old brother, Dutcher's football game! It was so fun to see him play... little bodies tackling each other is a crack up! They do the cutest things! I think we have a mini J.D. on our hands:) We'll see! He's such a little stud!

Just Dutch bein' Dutch... he's a little comedian!

My cute Mom and sister with her friend.

He's adorable!

Well that's been needing to be put up a few weeks ago! As for an update lately... Just staying busy! I'm now 16 weeks along and getting a little tummy! I guess I should start posting pictures now.. I just never take any anymore! I'll work on it!

Last Friday before conference JD and I had the opportunity to go to Park City for his mission reunion... it was so much fun to meet some of his companions and his mission presidents. I got to play with the cutest little 4 month old boy.. Brody.. and it made me that much more anxious for March to get here! Even after all of Sarah's labor horror stories! haha.

JD's football team had a huge win over Montana last Saturday who was ranked 3rd I believe... first time in about ten years.. and it moved Weber up to 22nd in the nation in D1 AA division. Woowoo!


jc said...

Way cool! Justin had his reunion that Friday too. It's way cool to meet everyone! :) Glad to see you two are doing well!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize you are so far along!! And a boy?? that is so exciting!! Yes, post pictures because we all want to see how stinkin' cute you are as a prego.

ThE dAvIs FaMiLy said...

you are so incredibly cute!!! THANK you sooo Sooo much, for the comment!! We love you guys and are so excited for you... DOnt worry about those labor stories:) I know you will do great!!! P.S. we gotta a little something, what's your address? LUVS!!!!!!!!!