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girls' night in

last night was one of our friend's birthdays so she had a bunch of girls over for cake, ice-cream, and some chit-chat. let me tell you.. this was some MUCH NEEDED girl time for me. i'll be honest, i have a hard time making time for myself... and we're talking alone/grown-up/girl time. the fact of the matter is that i absolutely adore my sweet jonnie and smokin' hot husband. i really just wanna be with them any chance i get and always make excuses for why i can't just go with the girls or even just out by myself for some alone time. sometimes i feel like i'm being a slacker mom/wife if i ditch them at home so that i can go off and have fun by myself... but last night gave me a new perspective about this.

i'm turning over a new leaf. i realize that as much as i love my husband and baby girl, it is healthy for me to have time by myself or with friends. i NEED this time---and really, they need me to have this time. jonnie fell asleep all nestled up close to daddy on the couch last night watching the cavs game. they need moments like that together. and i can be a much better mom and wife when i get even an hour or so of rejuvenation. just time to sit back and breathe, laugh, cry---do whatever i need to do. GIRL TALK. last night took me right back to high school days--- but really, who else can relate to me better than all my friends who are at the exact same stage in their lives as i am. it's a breath of fresh air to know that they are experiencing the same struggles and funny situations while raising their little ones-- that they are still finding new/adventurous ways to spice up their love lives with their man {TMI? no such thing...right girls?} ---and that they all have the same good intentions as me when it comes to eating healthy and working out--- but those dang desserts just get us EVERY TIME {it's all about the 80-20 right?}. it's reassuring to know that we're all in this together. and that no matter how far away we are from family, we really are surrounded by people who love and care about us and really want to see us happy.

so that't it. i am announcing to the world that i'm going to make girls' nights happen more often.... maybe this way, i'll hold myself to it.

so give me some ideas of what YOU do when you get time for YOURSELF:)


Shaw Family said...

mani's and pedi's... I'm not so much on the pedi's... but mani's are a life saver!

Mrs. Potts said...

Love this post! So true, us moms need stuff like that. Last night was the most wild night I'd had in a while - which I guess means that my life has gotten boring. :P But seriously, we do need to do stuff like that more often. And it is nice to have our little ward family even though we're all thousands of miles away from our loved ones. So, definitely, let's plan stuff like that again!

The Sohm's said...

Great post and I know EXACTLY how you feel! I would always feels so bad leavin the hubs and the baby. One time I thought I am going to go and ever since I realized how much I needed that girl time too! It's amazing!! Now I don't feel guilty and you're right it gives the dads time with their girls:)

Anonymous said...

good for you! :) sounds like you had a fun night!

Bree and Bryce said...

Sounds like so much fun! I feel like I need girls time and I haven't even had my baby yet! ps...I wish I only had four weeks left...I have 9 weeks left, but when my husband gets home from working in San Diego it will be four. That means I'm pretty much a pregnant widow for five weeks :(

steveandemilee said...

Aww, I'm so glad you could come too! I felt like I was kind of doing things last-minute to get the girls together for my birthday, but it really was such great fun, not to mention hilarious! Hope we can do it again before we have to leave Florida.