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april adventures

we've had such a fun past few weeks. the weather has been really nice for the most part so we've taken full advantage of it--- lots of visits to the beach, pool, parks, walks. jonnie is an outdoors girl through and through. i wish so badly we had a backyard for her! we had some visitors for the last couple weeks and we are so sad they are gone now:( first JD's mom and sis. came out.... weather did not cooperate when they were here. but we did manage to have lots of fun regardless. then my mom left yesterday after being here for a week. it's always SO nice to have family out here.... but horrible when they have to leave. makes me realize how far away we really are---and how much we are missing out on back west!

aunt cosy painted her cute toenails:)

jonnie is getting so smart these days. she is talking more and more and doing all sorts of signs. her favorite words are:
-belly button (so cute)
-dada & mama of course:)

she now signs:
-brush teeth

and if we ask her.. she knows where lots of body parts are now too:
-belly button
where's your tongue?

we are officially done nursing! i never thought i'd be saying that... jonnie was a comfort nurser and it was a rough few days but it seems like she has become miss independent ever since she's been done so i think she was ready to be done:) she even just gets tired at night now and prefers to just be laid in her crib so she can fall asleep on her own.... complete 180 from how she was a couple months ago---it's amazing! i loved nursing her and am so glad i was able to do it for over a year... i hope i will always be able to remember the adorable face she'd make when she would roll her eyes back in her head like it was the ultimate satisfaction. it would melt my heart each and every time. those are the things i'll miss most about it:( sometimes i just wish i could freeze time so i could take in moments like that and make sure they stick in my brain forever. mmm.. i love my little girl!

grammy got her a potty and some undies:) first time on she tinkled! we'll see when i start full blown potty training her... might not do it til after we get back from our summer break out west... but maybe she'll catch on quick before that! who knows?

she also has a shoe fetish... ALREADY. she wakes up and wants to put on her shoes/sandals almost immediately. she switches shoes probably about 5 times a day and definitely knows when she has a new pair on... she just walks around glowing and feeling so cute. haha... she cracks me up!

silly girl!

well that about sums up the update on what jonnie's doin at 13 months. we are so glad our moms and cosy were able to come out to visit us... we just wish it could happen more often:) can't wait to see you all back west in june & july:)

before we went out on a date... grammy babysat:) thanks mom!


The Birch Family said...

She just turned 1 and she is sitting on the potty...that's amazing. Wow we are VERY VERY far from that with Broxton!

Sophie Weber said...

How fun to have your mom out! I can not believe how cute she is! I love that she loves shoes! Adorable!

Seth and Ashley Furmanek said...

Micah I know I haven't talked to you in years but I have to say that you have the most beautiful family ever! You really do! I wish you guys the best of luck with w/e comes your way!

Justin and Toshi said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie! Glad you had family in town...that is the best! We need to plan some playdates - SOON!

Matt and Brooke said...

Micah you look so good, I love the color of your hair in that last pic. and you little girl is so cute!

Shantay And David said...

She is so cute!! It's good to hear you all are doing so well. I love your mom. Tell her hello for me. I would love to see you when you are out here this summer