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Mi to the Ami

We made it!! We actually aren't staying IN Miami... We're staying about 10 minutes or so away from Ft. Lauderdale in a place called Plantation. We really like it! JD actually has a lot more free time than we thought he would so it has been so nice to see so much of him! It has been storming here so Jonnie and I have only gone to the pool once and we haven't even made it to the beach yet. But we are having fun hanging out together!

JD is liking football pretty well... I guess all the vets are kinda punks but he likes the rookies a lot. Pretty much it's just like being a freshman all over again. Things are going well though! He gets this weekend AND Memorial Day off so we are gonna hopefully do some fun things... OUTDOORS if the storms go away. It's still warm here when it rains though so it's kinda fun... I'd go puddle jumping if Jonnie wasn't always in my arms!

Speaking of the little munchkin, I can't believe how big she is getting... seriously. She is all smiles and even giggles at least 3 or 4 times a day. Yesterday was her big TWO MONTH bday. JD loves standing her up on his tummy when he's laying down and watching her walk up his chest... it's adorable. They are so cute together! Well things are going well and we are having fun with our little family out here! I have to come down to the lobby to get free internet in this fancy hotel so my blogging will still be few and far between. I'll try to update at least once a week though! Here are some pictures of the latest... I don't have any of the journey out here cause we had our video camera out so we got all the action on there:]

View from the hotel window.

Jonnie super excited to hang out poolside.

She rules this King size bed! haha... she looks so miniature.

She sure misses being thrown over Uncle Dutcher's shoulder like a sack of potatoes!... no but she REALLY does... He could always stop her crying.

Jonnie in her blessing dress the morning of. This is the dress I was blessed in as well:]

Just hangin out in the room with Momma. Doin what we do best! R.E.L.A.X.I.N.


Walkers said...

oh how fun!!!
are you guys going to try to find a house in Miami?

Oakley has the same swimsuit, twinners!!!

Advice: When you take Jonnie out in the sun, the sunscreen you should use should have zinc oxide in it! That way, it won't irritate her skin {you're not supposed to use sunscreen on babies under 6 months} . Except kind with Zinc Oxide in it is safe. It doesn't seep into the skin, but it's SUPER water proof. You have to scrub their little bodies with soap and water to get it off!! I've used it on Oakley a lot lately, and she hasn't been irritated or gotten any rashes from it. Maybe you already knew all that, or maybe Jonnie has been fine with normal kid sunscreen. But, just thought i'd offer that advice to you since i'm sure you'll be in the sun a lot! The kind i got is just the Smith's brand {Kroger}.

Anyway, She looked beautiful in her blessing dress, and she sure is getting cute!! Isn't it fun when they start smiling.... just wait until she laughs, if she hasn't already... it'll break your heart!!!
I'm sad i didn't get to see her before you left. Maybe when you come and visit us normal, non famous cool NFL players here in Utah, i can see her!! :)
{I hope you appreciate my sarcasim!}

Whew, what a novel!
Love the updates, can't wait for more!

Sky, Steph and Selma said...

She is getting so big!! And is such a doll, they're so fun huh? I'm glad you made it out there safe and that you're having such a fun adventure! Can't wait to hear more udpates!

ThE dAvIs FaMiLy said...

Oh congratulations!
Have fun in the big Miami town and be sure to go see where.brody was born!we miss and love ya and give that sweet cute girl a kiss for me!

Jon said...

I sure do miss that baby! Does she cry herself to sleep cause she misses gampa? She's sweet...and funny :)

Miss you kids. Enjoy the experience and hit 'em hard JD!

Ian and Kristen said...

she is getting so big! what a cutie! looks like a fun little adventure for you guys!

chelsea said...

She is so stinkin cute! Glad to hear you are doing well. Hope you had a good Memorial day!

The Tams said...

So cute Cah!

Shalese and Cody said...

Oh micah! I miss you! I'm so happy for you! You guys be careful and don't forget us! (now that your famous, jk!!) Jonnie is so cute!! Love ya!