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This is my conclusion!

So after a nice little chit chat with some of my favorites, S.K. and Jesse, I've decided that the reason I'm so lame at blogging is because we don't have a kid yet! So... dun dun dunnnn.... we're gonna have one! Oh man... I'm totally kidding! Not for a couple more years... but until then our lives are just not that exciting to blog about! Sorry guys... however, we are super excited for Spring Break to finally be here so maybe I'll capture some kodak moments at Lake Powell.. Well until then...I hope everyone is doing well! J.D. and I are still very happily married and having so much fun just doin grown up stuff... I'm still in the process of learning how to cook and learning all sorts of smart things to do with what little money we have.. but I really love learning about new stuff like that! Feel free to offer any advice that you have:) There's nothin better than learning from those who've experienced it themselves!


Case said...

Hi micah! I am happy to see that we made your blog list. And its true, we really didn't have anything on ours until we had Brock. Anyway, I figured out that I really like cooking also, so let me know if you need any good recipes that are really easy...I have quite a few!

The Tams said...

Cah! I totally feel the same. I don't blog much at all but I do have one so you need to add me!

Case said...

Ok, here is the best recipe! 3 frozen chicken breasts, 1 can of black beans, 1 small can of chopped green chiles, and 1 packet of taco seasoning. Dump it in a crockpot on High for about 4 hours - or until the chicken is done. Then shred the chicken with a fork. It looks gross, but it tastes soooo good. It is good in a tortilla with all the good toppings (cheese, lettuce, sourcream, etc.) Or really good over chips and melted cheese!
And it makes a ton, I think I ate it for a week.

The Birch Family said...

Micah you are so funny. You are right it is fun to be married and do grown up things....just wait until you have a kid and then there are even more fun things to do. Your fun is just getting started. I am still learning how to cook and it has been almost 5 yrs! :) I found a blog on one of my friends for some pretty good recipes...domesticationinprogress.blogspot.com Hope you have a fun Spring Break!

Megh said...

I totally know how it is to blog without kids- awkward. But keep going, I like reading about you guys!

As for advice: I still can't cook, but Brad and I are all-star budgeters. We'll send you our spreadsheet if you want! Fun Stuff!