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Spring Break!

So Spring Break at Lake Powell was pretty much JUST what I needed! I was able to leave the real world behind and just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of one of the greatest places on earth with people I love! We had tons of fun hiking and boating... even tho the water was like 5 degrees and turned my skin blue.... and just enjoying the SUN. All it did was make me all the more excited for Spring and Summer to finally get here! We're back at it with school and sports now though so things are getting fun again. We don't even get a break from it once the semester is over tho cause JD and I both are taking summer classes... yipee! It'll be nice to be able to graduate next Spring tho.. that's the plan for me.. now JD just needs to get accepted to vet school! I really am so proud of him and how hard he works and the time he puts into his school work. I love you JD! Hope everyone had a wonderful break and is doing well!


Andy and Kathryn said...

Micah your blog is way cute! I'm so glad that I can stay updated on your life! Love ya, hope you are doing great!

Kathryn Haynie

The Birch Family said...

I am jealous! I left the gym in Ogden to go to a gym in Denver for Spring Break. NOT FUN!!! Looks like you had a great break. Just what the doctor orders mid semester!

The Tams said...

Lake Powell! I totally wanted to go there for spring break! It is my favorite vacation spot! But we went to Vegas. It was fun too!

That would be awesome to graduate next spring! Go for it sista!

Case said...

Does J.D. know you feel that way? He might not let you look at our blog anymore if he knew...hahaha!!
Go to cutestblogontheblock.blogspot.com. They have really cute backgrounds. It tells you how to cut and paste the code into yours...let me know if you need help!! Looks like you had fun on spring break! Are you enjoying being married??!!