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Lincoln Park Zoo

So I have been m.i.a. for quite some time... but I am BACK! Just a quick catch up... we were in Miami for preseason til the Dolphins released JD after camp (said he was too small for the system...blah blah...) so his mom flew out the day after, which was a Sunday, to help us pack up and move back west til he got picked up by another team. Well we picked her up from the airport and dropped JD off to head to Chicago all in one trip! So his mom and I packed up everything and with the HUGE help of our friends we got everything loaded in the 2 vehicles and that Tuesday we started on our two day road trip for Chicago. Right now the Bears have him on their practice squad so we really don't know how long we'll be here either... nothing is permanent in this crazy business!! We are having fun out here so far and are enjoying the new adventure! JD is 99% sure he wants to be done playing though after this season though. He is ready to start vet school and start doing what he really loves. I can't blame him... this football stuff is pretty nuts! But we are just enjoying everything as it comes:)

Yesterday we headed down to Chicago (we're living about 30 miles north) and explored the Lincoln Park Zoo. Jonnie LOVES animals so we figured this would be a fun outing for her and she sure did love it. JD and I always watch Man VS Food on the travel channel and one of the places the guy did a challenge was at a place called Lucky's right next to Wrigley Stadium so we decided to hit that up afterwards... it was GOOD! They make gigantic sandwiches with all different meats but what sets them apart is they put their fries and coleslaw in the sandwich as well... mmmm it was scrumptious. We're glad we made the stop!
Jonnie kept saying 'rhino... rhino..." new word of the day!
Checking out the tiger.
If you're ever in the area... make a stop here!
I think she was pointing at all the monkeys... she loved them.
The swimming polar bear was by far our favorite animal!

Jonnie always wanted to reach out and touch it but when it would come up close she would chicken out.... don't know why? It wasn't huge or anything.

Miss Jonnie Belle is now 18 months and just a little ball of energy. We are having so much fun being able to communicate with her... she is quite the little talker! She went to nursery for the first time last Sunday and had a ball... as soon as I walked in there with her she just jumped outta my arms and started playing with all the toys... SUCH A RELIEF. I have separation anxiety WAY worse than she ever will. But it's getting better... slowly but surely. Other than that... hmm... oh yeah we're pregnant with baby #2! That's definitely exciting.. I'll be 12 weeks on Friday. Well I think that about sums up everything... I'll try and be better about updating.. promise!


Allen and Suzie said...

She is growing up and I love her. I hope your enjoying every minute of your adventures, it looks like so much fun. Congratulations on new baby!

Justin and Toshi said...

Oh we miss you guys! Glad to hear you are having a blast in Chicago...such a crazy adventure!

ThE KeNNeDy'S said...

That looks like such a fun zoo! and she is getting so big and beautiful!!

Bree and Bryce said...

You've sure got yourself a little doll! Congrats on baby #2!

Becca and Justin said...

how exciting! i'm so happy for you guys!

Becca and Justin said...

how exciting! i'm so happy for you guys!

Matt and Brooke said...

your little girls is such a cutie!! congrats on the new baby! that is so exciting!

Melissa said...

OH my gosh, you just secretly slip in that way exciting info about having another baby! Congratulations Micah! I hope you are well! If you end up moving back around these parts, I will be looking for a new vball assistant coach at Viewmont! It would be fun to get you back in the gym :) Congrats again! I hope you're enjoying Chicago!