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Honeymoon to Lake Tahoe and Christmas Break

So a little about our vaca..... we spent our honeymoon in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We loved it! It was cold but the perfect place to just snuggle and spend time together. It was definitely nice to just get away and not have to worry about all the after the wedding stuff we still had to do when we got back! Once we got home... we spent a couple days with my family before heading up to Montana. We even managed to make time for an ice skating session just for Dutcher. J.D. and Dutch raced the ENTIRE time... and there were even a couple spills on both their parts! It was quite entertaining... my mom even got some of it on film! Can't wait to show our kids someday:) haha. Then we spent about 5 days in Montana up at the ranch with J.D.'s family. It was so much fun but SO SO cold! I love it up there though. It really is beautiful country! Luckily, we headed to Arizona the day we got back from Montana on the 27th to spend the end of December with all my family back in AZ. It was such nice weather..just about 60 degrees in the day time! AMAZING! Once we got home... me and J.D. got all moved in to our new little place and it's so nice to be finished with all that! We love our place and I'm beginning to have a new found love for COOKING! I'm becoming a little housewife already! I was afraid it might take a little bit of getting used to but I guess it's just kinda programmed into us girls:)


The Birch Family said...

You guys are so cute! Looks like you had a fun Honeymoon! As for the housewife being programmed in...i agree. I was not domesticated before I got married and now I collect and try recipes new stuff all the time (which was not like me before I got married)! As for Brynlee...the stinker needs to walk!

The Birch Family said...

I tagged you so you need to go to my blog and get the directions!